Joe Venegas/Father Coffield Scholarship Application EMUHSD

La Historia is now accepting submissins for their Joe Venegas/Fr. Coffield Scholarship application. We are looking for you to share your stories, memories of something that stands out about your life in El Monte/South El Monte. We encourage to share your stories of any nature about a person, event, place in El Monte/South El Monte.


"It was a hot summer night during the early 1960's Medina Court neighborhood. I was 8 years old and spent the day playing with my friends and neighbors. By the end of the day we were sweaty, itchy and tired from playing in the summer sun. When we it began to get dark we began to sit outside our front yard in a circle to hear scary stories."

excerpt from "A Scary Summer Night In Medina Court" by Irma Ortiz - Cuentos de La Historia, Vol 3, Issue 1 2005


"My father knew all the aspects of running the ranch so there was no learning period for him. However, that was not the case for my brothers and sisters. Now as part of a raching family, they would have to work alongside my parents. I was too small to handle any tools so I was given the job of water boy, wooden crate repair and the most important job of starting the noon time lunch fire for heating up our tacos (now called burritos) on the hot coals."

"Barrio Kids Along The Rio Hondo" by Robert J. Bautista - Cuentos de La Historia, Vol 3, Issue 1 2005



Applications are Due April 28th 2017.




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We welcome you to take part and be a part of our museum. As your story is part of our story, our goal is to capture the rich multicultural history of El Monte \ South El Monte and its surrounding areas from the NativeAmericans to present day life. LSHM also works with local schools offering scholarships and well as working within the community with Art Festivals, Dances, etc.

The Establishment of La Historia Society

La Historia Society was formed as a result of the La Misión, Hicks' Camp Reunions and persons wanting to preserve the rich cultural history of both El Monte and South El Monte's nine historical barrios, as seen through the eyes and experiences of former residents for the benefit of future generations of Americans.

Although both informal gatherings and a photo exhibit had occurred, it wasn't until March 21, 1998 that La Historia Society was started. The first meeting was held at the El Monte Historical Society Museum. Twelve ambitious souls attended the first meeting. The founding members was led by President Ernie Gutierrez, Treasurer Dr. Ben Campos, Secretary Lucy Pedregon, Connie Muñoz, Patty Holguin, Mary Galazzio, Irene Ramos, Sarah Reyes, Elisa Campos, Nacho Reyes, and Rudy Marquez. With the help of many subsequent and dedicated members we have worked to develop a formidable group: La Historia Society.


What We've Accomplished

La Historia Society has organized several successful events including a luncheon to honor Monsignor John V. Coffield; Memories de Mi Barrio Photo Exhibit; Memoirs of Juanote book signing; Barrio calendars; the very successful first reunion of all nine of El Monte's Barrios in September of 2000, and finally the establishment and opening of the La Historia Society Museum/Museo de Los Barrios in September, 2001.


Future of Our Museum

On Saturday, September 29, 2001 La Historia Society marked a milestone in its history: The Grand Opening of The La Historia Society Museum/Museo de Los barrios. This event marks a beginning and not an end to the accomplishments of the Society's goals. La Historia Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the El Monte City Council, community businesses, citizens and members of La Historia Society in securing our present location at 3240 Tyler Avenue, El Monte, California.

Our current museum includes displays on all nine of our barrios: Canta Ranas, Chino Camp, Wiggins' Camp, Las Flores, Granada, La Misión, Medina Court, Hicks' Camp and La Sección. Photos show families at work, worship and play. The "Schools of the Barrios" display covers the era of segregation. Segregation in the schools ended through the efforts of Monsignor John V. Coffield, Reverend Dwight Ramage and veterans coming back from the service. Our veterans' display includes photos of our Barrios' proud veterans from the World War II, Korea and Vietnam eras. With a collection of over 650 photos and documents we have already outgrown our office/mini-museum and now begin work on Phase II, the establishment of a larger and permanent facility.