June 19, 1888 - S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R.

Aug 28, 2023


Welcome to La Historia Society's comprehensive page about the historical event that occurred on June 19, 1888 - the establishment of the S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R. Join us as we delve into the rich history of this significant moment and explore its impact on the community and society at that time.

The Birth of the S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R.

The year 1888 marked a crucial milestone in the transportation history of the community. On June 19th, the S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R. was officially established. This railway line, stretching from San Bernardino to Arrowhead and Waterman, revolutionized the way people traveled and contributed significantly to the development of the local infrastructure.

Impact on the Community

The introduction of the S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R. had a profound impact on the community of San Bernardino. It provided efficient and reliable transportation, enabling residents to travel quickly and easily between these key locations. This, in turn, stimulated economic growth, as people were able to access job opportunities and markets more conveniently.

Moreover, the railway played a vital role in the expansion of tourism in the region. With improved accessibility, visitors flocked to enjoy the natural beauty of Arrowhead Lake, boosting the local tourism industry and establishing the area as a popular destination.

Significance for Society

Beyond its impact on the local community, the S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R. held great significance for society as a whole. The railway line served as a symbol of progress and modernization, showcasing the advancements taking place during the late 19th century.

It played a critical role in connecting different towns and cities, promoting cultural exchange, and creating opportunities for social interaction. The S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R. brought people together, bridging the gaps between communities and fostering a sense of unity among the diverse population of the region.

Legacy and Heritage

Even though the S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R. is no longer in operation today, its legacy lives on. The impact it had on the community and society during its existence should not be forgotten. The railway left behind a remarkable heritage, shaping the development and shaping the history of San Bernardino and its surrounding areas.

La Historia Society is dedicated to preserving and sharing this rich history with future generations. Through our research and documentation, we aim to ensure that the story of the S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R. is passed down and appreciated for years to come.


June 19, 1888, goes down in history as a significant day for the community and society as the S. B., Arrowhead & Waterman R.R. was established. Its impact on local transportation, economy, and culture cannot be underestimated. La Historia Society invites you to explore this momentous event and truly understand its historical significance. Join us on this journey as we continue to uncover and celebrate the rich heritage of our community.