May 14, 1958 - ATSF 3751 Moves into Viaduct Park

May 24, 2023

Welcome to La Historia Society, your go-to source for preserving and sharing historical moments. In this article, we delve into the fascinating event that unfolded on May 14, 1958 when the ATSF 3751 locomotive made its grand entrance into Viaduct Park. Join us as we explore the significance of this historic moment and its impact on the community.

ATSF 3751: A Symbol of Power and Progress

ATSF 3751 holds a special place in the hearts of railroad enthusiasts and community members alike. This magnificent locomotive, built in 1927, is a true testament to the power and progress of the railway industry during the 20th century. With its distinctive streamlined design and powerful steam engine, ATSF 3751 remains an iconic symbol of American engineering prowess.

The Journey to Viaduct Park

On that fateful day in May 1958, the anticipation in the air was palpable as ATSF 3751 prepared to embark on its journey to Viaduct Park. The locomotive, polished to perfection and gleaming under the sun, stood as a shining beacon of the past converging with the present. Crowds gathered along the tracks, eagerly awaiting the arrival of this magnificent piece of history.

The meticulous planning and coordination involved in transporting a locomotive of such magnitude were no small feat. As the sun began its descent, and the moment of truth drew nearer, the excitement grew. Families, residents, and railway enthusiasts from near and far came together to witness this historic feat, knowing they were about to witness something truly extraordinary.

A Community United

The arrival of ATSF 3751 in Viaduct Park was not merely a historical event but also a testament to the unifying power of community spirit. People from all walks of life, representing various backgrounds and cultures, gathered to witness this moment of shared pride and celebration. As this powerful locomotive graced the park, it breathed new life into the surrounding community.

It is important to underscore the pivotal role this event played in fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness within the community. The sight of ATSF 3751 rolling into Viaduct Park served as a reminder of the shared history and progress that bound individuals together, transcending boundaries.

Legacy and Preservation

Preserving the legacy of ATSF 3751 and commemorating its arrival at Viaduct Park remains crucial to La Historia Society's mission. By documenting and sharing this historical moment, we aim to ensure that generations to come understand the significance of this locomotive and the impact it had on both the local community and the railroad industry as a whole.

Our society is committed to extensive research, meticulous archival work, and engaging storytelling to bring historical moments like this to life. Through our efforts, we strive to promote a deep appreciation for the past and facilitate meaningful connections between the community and its heritage.


The story of May 14, 1958 - ATSF 3751 Moves into Viaduct Park is one that we proudly share with the world. This monumental occasion forever changed the landscape of the community and cemented the significance of the ATSF 3751 locomotive in the annals of history.

Join La Historia Society in celebrating and preserving our collective heritage. Together, let us ensure that the rich tapestry of our past continues to inspire and captivate future generations.

John Riley
Impressive locomotive in Viaduct Park!
Nov 8, 2023