About the Inn

Sep 27, 2022

Preserving History with La Historia Society

Welcome to the About the Inn page of La Historia Society, a passionate community and society organization focused on preserving the rich history of our local area.

Our Mission

At La Historia Society, our mission is to celebrate and conserve the cultural heritage of our community. We believe that understanding the past is essential for shaping the future, and through our initiatives, we aim to educate, inspire, and engage individuals of all ages.

The Significance of the Inn

The inn holds great historical significance in our community. Built in the 19th century, it has witnessed the growth and evolution of our area, serving as a hub for travelers and locals alike. The inn stands as a testament to our community's heritage, preserving the stories and memories of generations past.

Engaging with the Community

La Historia Society actively engages with the community through a variety of events, educational programs, and preservation initiatives. We believe that history should be accessible and enjoyable, and we strive to create a welcoming environment for all to learn and appreciate our shared heritage.


Throughout the year, La Historia Society organizes a range of events that cater to diverse interests. From guided historical tours of the inn to engaging lectures by historians, there is always something for everyone. We also collaborate with local schools, hosting interactive workshops and field trips to bring history alive for students.

Educational Programs

We are committed to nurturing a love for history among individuals of all ages. Our educational programs, designed for students, families, and adults, provide opportunities for deepening knowledge and understanding of our local history. We offer workshops, seminars, and online resources that make learning engaging and interactive.

Preservation Initiatives

Preserving our community's history requires continuous effort, and La Historia Society is at the forefront of these endeavors. We collaborate with local preservation organizations, conduct historical research, and advocate for the protection and restoration of historically significant sites. The inn itself stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving our heritage.

Join Us Today

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a lover of community involvement, or simply curious about the past, La Historia Society welcomes you to join us on this journey. By becoming a member, volunteering, or attending our events, you play a vital role in preserving and promoting the unique legacy of our community.

Explore our website to learn more about La Historia Society, our initiatives, and upcoming events. Together, let's honor the past and create a lasting impact for future generations.

Karen Bowen
Thank you, La Historia Society, for your dedication to preserving our community's rich history and cultural heritage.
Nov 8, 2023