Carrie Hott & David Bayus

Feb 1, 2019


Welcome to the world of Carrie Hott and David Bayus, a dynamic artistic partnership that transcends boundaries and defines creative excellence. As key contributors to La Historia Society, their collaborative efforts have graced the community and society, leaving an indelible mark through their diverse range of projects and artworks.

A Journey of Collaboration

The story of Carrie Hott and David Bayus began with a shared passion for creativity and a desire to bring forth captivating experiences. With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and blurring the lines between art forms, they have embarked on a journey of collaboration that has captivated audiences far and wide.

Community and Society

In the realm of community and society, Carrie Hott and David Bayus harness the power of art to evoke thoughtful conversations and inspire change. Their thought-provoking installations, immersive experiences, and engaging performances serve as catalysts for dialogue, encouraging people to question, reflect, and connect with one another in profound ways.

Exploring their Artistry

Carrie Hott and David Bayus embrace a multidisciplinary approach to art, seamlessly blending mediums and techniques to create unique and captivating works. Their art transcends traditional boundaries, incorporating elements of sculpture, photography, painting, and more.

Collaborative Installations

Through collaborative installations, Carrie Hott and David Bayus create immersive environments that transport viewers into extraordinary worlds. Their installations meld physical and conceptual elements, inviting spectators to engage with their surroundings and embrace the power of imagination.

Transformative Performances

Drawing inspiration from the world around them, Carrie Hott and David Bayus orchestrate transformative performances that challenge conventional notions of art. Through movement, sound, and visuals, they create mesmerizing spectacles that leave a lasting impact on audiences, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Thoughtful Photography

Carrie Hott and David Bayus's photography captures the essence of the human experience, highlighting the beauty and complexity of everyday moments. Their keen eye for detail and innovative composition techniques breathe life into their subjects, offering a fresh perspective on the world we inhabit.

Collaborative Projects

Carrie Hott and David Bayus have also spearheaded numerous collaborative projects that have fostered connections within the artistic community and society at large. These projects invite fellow artists and individuals to contribute their unique voices and visions, resulting in vibrant and inclusive creative endeavors.

Community Engagement

With a strong belief in the power of community, Carrie Hott and David Bayus actively engage with local organizations and individuals to foster artistic growth and social change. By leveraging the collective talents and perspectives of the community, they create projects that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact.

Education and Outreach

Recognizing the importance of nurturing creativity in future generations, Carrie Hott and David Bayus actively participate in educational and outreach programs. Their dedication to sharing knowledge and inspiring young minds ensures that the transformative power of art will continue to shape the community and society for years to come.

Experience the Magic

Step into the world of Carrie Hott and David Bayus and experience the magic that comes to life through their art. La Historia Society proudly showcases their visionary work, inviting you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey where art, community, and society intertwine.

Discover the transformative power of collaborative art as you explore the installations, performances, photography, and projects that define Carrie Hott and David Bayus. Engage in thought-provoking conversations, embrace creativity, and join us in shaping a more vibrant and connected world.

Unlock the countless layers of meaning woven into their intriguing creations, and let Carrie Hott and David Bayus transport you to a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

Join the Artistic Movement

Be part of the artistic movement ignited by Carrie Hott and David Bayus. As advocates for the transformative power of art, they believe in the ability of creative experiences to shape the community and society for the better.

Stay connected with La Historia Society to keep up with the latest exhibitions, performances, and collaborative projects that Carrie Hott and David Bayus are involved in. Join us on this remarkable journey and become an active participant in the dialogue and exploration of art's potential.

Shari Rothseid
This collaboration between Carrie Hott and David Bayus is truly inspiring. Their diverse range of projects and artworks have left a lasting impact on both the community and society as a whole. It's amazing to see creative excellence at its finest. Keep up the great work!
Nov 11, 2023