Nov 3, 2021


Welcome to the page dedicated to VALIE EXPORT, a renowned artist who has left an indelible mark on the world of feminist art and avant-garde cinema. La Historia Society takes pride in presenting the captivating journey of this influential figure and her significant contributions to the artistic community.

The Life and Career of VALIE EXPORT

Born as Waltraud Lehner in Linz, Austria, in 1940, VALIE EXPORT adopted her artistic pseudonym in 1967, adopting a feminist perspective in her work. She began her artistic journey as a painter and graphic artist before transitioning to performance art, photography, and video installations.

VALIE EXPORT is best known for challenging societal norms and perceptions regarding gender, sexuality, and power dynamics. Her groundbreaking performances often explored the female body as a political and personal entity, questioning and subverting established cultural expectations.

Exploring Feminism through Art

In the late 1960s, VALIE EXPORT became increasingly involved in the feminist movement, using her art as a medium to address gender inequality and the objectification of women. Her performances, such as "Aktionshose: Genitalpanik" (1969), provoked intense reactions, forcing viewers to confront the male gaze and their own biases.

By incorporating her own body and personal experiences into her art, VALIE EXPORT emphasized the need for women to reclaim their autonomy and challenge patriarchal structures. Her thought-provoking works encouraged dialogue and reflection on the complex relationship between gender, power, and identity.

Avant-Garde Cinema and VALIE EXPORT

Alongside her performance art, VALIE EXPORT made significant contributions to avant-garde cinema, expanding the possibilities of the medium. Her films often experiment with narrative structures, pushing boundaries and exploring themes of sexuality, voyeurism, and societal repression.

One of VALIE EXPORT's most notable films is "Die Praxis der Liebe" (The Practice of Love, 1984), which delves into the complexities of human relationships, desire, and intimacy. Through her unique visual style and bold storytelling techniques, she challenges conventional expectations of traditional filmmaking, inviting viewers to question societal norms.

Influence and Legacy

VALIE EXPORT's artistic significance extends far beyond her individual works. Her explorations of feminism, gender, and power dynamics have inspired countless artists, scholars, and activists worldwide. Her legacy continues to shape contemporary art practices and spark important conversations surrounding social justice and equality.

Today, her work is featured in prestigious international museums and galleries, and her influence remains a powerful force within the art community. VALIE EXPORT's contributions have not only elevated the status of feminist art but also opened doors for future generations of artists to challenge and redefine societal norms.

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