Zach Blas

Jul 16, 2023

A Pioneer in the Intersection of Technology, Art, and Society

Welcome to the artist page of Zach Blas on La Historia Society. As a renowned figure in the world of contemporary art, Zach Blas has made significant contributions by pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms through his thought-provoking works. Blending technology, art, and society, his creations explore the impact of digital culture and the power dynamics it shapes.

Exploring the Complex Relationship Between Technology and Humanity

Zach Blas's artistic practice revolves around critically examining the intricate relationship between technology and humanity. By using a wide range of mediums, including video, installation, performance, and software, Blas exposes the ways in which new technologies mediate our experiences, identities, and desires.

One of Blas's notable works is Contra-Internet, a multimedia project that investigates the internet's potential for radical queer politics. Through a series of films, sculptures, and performances, Contra-Internet challenges the dominant narratives propagated by the tech industry and envisions alternative futures where marginalized communities can resist and subvert the hegemonic power structures embedded within digital spaces.

Provoking Critical Discourse and Cultural Reflections

Blas's provocative art has sparked critical discourse and cultural reflections on various topics such as surveillance, biometrics, and the ethics of emerging technologies. His extensive research and collaborations with experts from diverse disciplines enable him to delve deep into these subjects and shed light on their implications for society.

In his work Facial Weaponization Suite, Blas explores the unethical use of facial recognition technology and biometric data collection. Through a series of masks, performances, and workshops, he examines how these technologies perpetuate oppressive systems and actively engages communities in conversations about resistance and collective action.

International Recognition and Exhibitions

Zach Blas's remarkable artistic achievements have garnered international acclaim, leading to exhibitions and presentations at prestigious galleries, museums, and institutions around the world. His works have been displayed at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim Bilbao, and the Tate Modern, among others.

Blas's commitment to exploring the possibilities and consequences of technology continues to inspire new generations of artists and thinkers to challenge the status quo and imagine alternative futures.

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