Board Chair, Renuka Kher announces Sara Fenske Bahat will continue to steward La Historia Society as CEO

Jan 14, 2023


La Historia Society is delighted to share the announcement made by our esteemed Board Chair, Renuka Kher, regarding the appointment of Sara Fenske Bahat as the CEO. This exciting development marks a significant milestone for our community-centric organization as we strive to create a positive impact on the community and society at large.

A Passionate and Accomplished Leader

Sara Fenske Bahat brings a wealth of experience and a strong track record of success to her new role as CEO of La Historia Society. Her dedication, leadership skills, and vision for empowering communities align perfectly with our organization's core values.

Background and Expertise

Sara's rich background in community development and her extensive expertise in driving meaningful change have made her an exceptional choice for the role. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by societies, she has consistently demonstrated the ability to develop creative solutions and foster collaborative partnerships.

Creating Lasting Impact

At La Historia Society, we are committed to making a lasting impact on the community and society we serve. Sara Fenske Bahat shares this unwavering commitment and envisions a future where everyone can access the resources they need, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Goals and Objectives

Under Sara's leadership, La Historia Society aims to expand its outreach initiatives and enhance the availability of educational programs, social support, and cultural exchange opportunities. By fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals, we aspire to create a harmonious and resilient community.

Community Engagement

Collaboration and community engagement are at the core of La Historia Society's mission. Sara Fenske Bahat is passionate about creating meaningful partnerships and encouraging dialogue between diverse communities. Through open communication channels, we will work together to address local challenges and celebrate our shared successes.

The Way Forward

With Sara Fenske Bahat taking the helm as CEO, La Historia Society is poised to build an even more vibrant and forward-thinking organization. Her leadership, combined with the dedication of our staff and volunteers, will enable us to implement innovative programs and initiatives that uplift our community.


La Historia Society is thrilled to have Sara Fenske Bahat as our CEO, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together. Her expertise, passion, and commitment to community empowerment will undoubtedly drive the organization towards achieving its goals and making a lasting positive impact on society.

Amanda Jusino
Congratulations to Sara Fenske Bahat on being appointed as CEO of La Historia Society!
Nov 12, 2023