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Mar 22, 2021


Welcome to the detailed account of Cheryl's work on Labyrinth on August 8, 1984, brought to you by La Historia Society, your trusted community and society hub. Join us as we delve into the intriguing story behind Cheryl's involvement in this iconic creation.

The Origins of Labyrinth

Labyrinth, directed by Jim Henson and released in 1986, is a fantasy film that has captivated audiences for decades. However, few people are aware of the incredible effort put into the creation of this whimsical world.

Cheryl's Role in Labyrinth

On August 8, 1984, Cheryl, a talented artist and member of La Historia Society, was working diligently on the visual design of Labyrinth. As part of the production team, Cheryl played a crucial role in bringing the fantastical creatures, enchanting landscapes, and intricate set pieces to life.

The Creative Process

Cheryl's work on Labyrinth involved months of brainstorming, sketching, and collaborating with other talented individuals in the industry. She carefully studied the script, research materials, and the director's vision to ensure her artistic contributions aligned perfectly with the film's theme.

Designing the Enchanted World

One of Cheryl's major responsibilities was designing the various creatures that inhabit the labyrinth. She spent countless hours refining sketches, experimenting with different textures, and meticulously crafting detailed models. Her dedication to creating memorable and believable characters added depth and magic to the film's narrative.

Working with Jim Henson

Collaborating with Jim Henson, the visionary behind Labyrinth, was an incredible opportunity for Cheryl. Jim's passion for puppetry and visual storytelling inspired her to push boundaries and think outside the box. Together, they aimed to create a visually stunning world that would leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Impacting the Film's Success

Cheryl's contributions to Labyrinth went far beyond her artistic abilities. Her attention to detail and dedication to the project helped elevate the film to new heights. Whether it was designing intricate set decorations or working on costume designs, Cheryl poured her heart and soul into every aspect of the production.

La Historia Society

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Join La Historia Society as we celebrate Cheryl's invaluable contribution to the creation of Labyrinth. Her passion, talent, and dedication have enriched the film and left an everlasting mark on popular culture. We invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of Cheryl's work and discover the enchanting world of Labyrinth like never before.