Marblemedia Partners with The Jim Henson Company to Develop New Original Live-Action Comedy Series "Felix"

Nov 16, 2020

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Introducing "Felix" - A Collaboration of Creativity

La Historia Society is thrilled to share the exciting news of the partnership between Marblemedia and The Jim Henson Company in the development of their new original live-action comedy series, "Felix." This collaboration brings together two powerhouses in the entertainment industry to create a unique and engaging television experience.

The Power of Marblemedia

With a strong reputation for producing innovative and award-winning content, Marblemedia has consistently pushed boundaries in the world of entertainment. Their commitment to storytelling and creativity sets them apart as a leading production company. Partnering with The Jim Henson Company further bolsters their ability to captivate audiences with original and unforgettable programming.

The Legendary Jim Henson Company

The Jim Henson Company, renowned for its groundbreaking puppetry and family entertainment, has a legacy that spans over six decades. This partnership showcases their dedication to exploring new avenues and pushing the boundaries of live-action comedy. The combination of their expertise in character-driven storytelling and technological advancements promises to deliver a fresh and exciting viewing experience.

Meet Miklos Perlus - The Creative Mind Behind "Felix"

Felix, the new live-action comedy series developed by Marblemedia and The Jim Henson Company, is the brainchild of talented creator Miklos Perlus. Perlus, known for his previous works in the industry, brings a wealth of experience and a unique vision to this project. As a multi-talented writer, director, and actor, Perlus has consistently demonstrated his ability to craft engaging narratives that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Exploring the World of "Felix"

"Felix" takes viewers on a hilarious journey through the life of a quirky teenage boy navigating the challenges of school, friendships, and family relationships. With a blend of heartwarming moments and comedic situations, the show offers a relatable and entertaining experience for audiences young and old. Perlus' creative storytelling and the combined expertise of Marblemedia and The Jim Henson Company ensure that "Felix" will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Embracing Originality and Quality Entertainment

La Historia Society is committed to promoting originality and quality in the entertainment industry, making this collaboration between Marblemedia and The Jim Henson Company truly exciting news. "Felix" represents a continuation of the commitment to delivering captivating and meaningful content, further enriching the television landscape.

Stay Tuned for "Felix" and More Exciting Updates

As La Historia Society continues to follow the progress of "Felix," we invite you to join us in anticipating this highly anticipated live-action comedy series. Keep an eye on our website for updates, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. We are thrilled to be part of this journey and share it with our dedicated readers.


La Historia Society, a leading community and society website, is proud to announce the partnership between Marblemedia and The Jim Henson Company in the development of the original live-action comedy series "Felix." With the combined strengths and expertise of these industry giants, we can expect nothing short of an exceptional viewing experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of "Felix" as he embarks on his hilarious adventures. Trust La Historia Society to bring you the latest news and exclusive content, keeping you informed and entertained.

Bernie Galla
Awesome partnership! 🎉🙌 Can't wait!
Nov 11, 2023