Puppet Up! - Uncensored Returns to The Jim Henson Company's Charlie Chaplin Soundstage | March 4-6, 2022

May 6, 2019

About Puppet Up! - Uncensored

Welcome to La Historia Society's page on Puppet Up! - Uncensored, an extraordinary puppetry experience that is set to return to The Jim Henson Company's iconic Charlie Chaplin Soundstage from March 4-6, 2022. This exciting event promises an evening of uproarious laughter, exceptional puppetry, and unforgettable entertainment.

Unleash the Laughter

Puppet Up! - Uncensored is a unique improv show where skilled puppeteers bring hilarious characters to life right before your eyes. The Jim Henson Company, renowned for their mastery of puppetry, presents this uncensored performance that keeps audiences of all ages engaged and constantly in stitches.

An Unforgettable Experience

Prepare to be amazed as the talented puppeteers create spontaneous conversations, amusing sketches, and captivating stories with their wide array of puppets. Every show is different as the performers expertly craft scenes based on suggestions from the audience, resulting in an evening that is as surprising as it is hilarious.

Return to the Charlie Chaplin Soundstage

The Jim Henson Company's Charlie Chaplin Soundstage, located in the heart of Los Angeles, has a rich history of hosting memorable performances. This iconic venue, renowned for creating magic through puppetry, provides the perfect setting for Puppet Up! - Uncensored. The combination of the historical significance and the innovative nature of the show guarantees an extraordinary experience for all attendees.

Join La Historia Society

La Historia Society is proud to present Puppet Up! - Uncensored as part of our commitment to promoting unique and engaging events within the Community and Society category. We believe in the power of entertainment to bring people together and create shared experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime. Join us at The Jim Henson Company's Charlie Chaplin Soundstage from March 4-6, 2022, for an evening like no other.

Secure Your Tickets

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to witness the magic of Puppet Up! - Uncensored. Secure your tickets now and guarantee your seat at this exceptional event by visiting our website or contacting our dedicated ticketing team. We anticipate high demand, so act swiftly to avoid disappointment.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further information, our friendly team at La Historia Society would be delighted to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us via our website or contact our customer support helpline for prompt and helpful assistance.

Join Us for Puppet Up! - Uncensored

La Historia Society cordially invites you to join us for Puppet Up! - Uncensored, where laughter knows no bounds and puppetry reaches new heights. The upcoming shows at The Jim Henson Company's Charlie Chaplin Soundstage from March 4-6, 2022, promise an evening filled with joy, amazement, and non-stop entertainment.

Cathrine White
🎭 Can't wait for Puppet Up! - Uncensored to bring the laughs and incredible puppetry back to The Jim Henson Company! 🤩🎉
Nov 8, 2023