S.B. Trains - 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief (A. Chabot)

Oct 23, 2022


Welcome to La Historia Society's page on the 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief train in San Bernardino. As a prominent figure in the realm of community and society, we take pride in preserving and documenting the rich railway heritage of our beloved city. Join us as we delve into the history, significance, and impact of this iconic train on the local transportation system and the community it served.

History of the 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief

The 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief train holds a special place in the hearts of San Bernardino residents. Launched in 1990, this train played a pivotal role in connecting San Bernardino with other major cities across the country. Its sleek design, state-of-the-art amenities, and efficient service quickly made it a favorite among passengers.

Operating under the banner of Amtrak, the 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief train provided a seamless travel experience for commuters, leisure travelers, and railway enthusiasts alike. With its well-appointed interiors, comfortable seating, and attentive staff, this train became synonymous with luxury and convenience.

Significance to Local Transportation

The introduction of the 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief train revolutionized the local transportation system in San Bernardino. It offered an efficient mode of travel for individuals commuting between distant cities and provided a much-needed alternative to congested highways and airports.

With its reliable and punctual service, the train became a preferred choice for business travelers, students, and tourists seeking a comfortable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Impact on the Community

The introduction of the 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief train had a significant impact on the San Bernardino community. It facilitated economic growth by attracting visitors and encouraging tourism. Additionally, it played a crucial role in strengthening the bonds between cities, serving as a gateway for cultural exchanges and business opportunities.

Moreover, the train became an integral part of the local culture, fostering a sense of pride and identity among San Bernardino residents. Its distinctive design and reliable service made it a recognizable symbol of progress and connectivity.

La Historia Society - Preserving Railway Heritage

La Historia Society, a leading organization committed to preserving San Bernardino's rich railway heritage, has played a pivotal role in safeguarding the history and legacy of the 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief train. Through meticulous documentation, preservation efforts, and engaging educational initiatives, the society has ensured that the stories and contributions of this iconic train are passed down to future generations.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of La Historia Society, San Bernardino remains a living testament to the importance of our railway history. The society continues to organize exhibitions, events, and workshops to create awareness and appreciation for our city's unique cultural heritage.


The 1990 AMT 236 EB Southwest Chief train holds a special place in the history and development of San Bernardino. Its impact on local transportation, community integration, and cultural identity cannot be understated. As La Historia Society, we are dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories of our city's rich railway heritage, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and celebrate the legacy of this iconic train.

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