Dec 11, 2017


Welcome to La Historia Society! Here, we delve deep into the fascinating world of Sesame Street. In this article, we will explore the rich history and enduring impact of the beloved children's television program that has been entertaining and educating young minds for over 20 years.

The Birth of Sesame Street

Sesame Street burst onto television screens on November 10, 1969, revolutionizing children's programming with its innovative approach. Created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, the show aimed to bridge the educational gap by using television as a tool to teach preschoolers important social and academic skills.

Entertaining and Educational Content

Sesame Street quickly became a household name by combining entertainment with education. The show's bright and colorful set, catchy songs, and lovable characters captivated young audiences while delivering valuable lessons on numbers, letters, diversity, and inclusion.

Iconic Characters

The success of Sesame Street can be attributed, in large part, to its memorable cast of characters. From the iconic Big Bird and Elmo to the beloved Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch, each character brings their own unique personality and charm to the show. Generations of children have grown up with these furry friends as their trusted companions.

Celebrating 20 Years

In 1989, Sesame Street reached a significant milestone – two decades of spreading joy and knowledge to children worldwide. La Historia Society celebrates this momentous occasion by taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Join us as we reflect on the show's greatest moments, extraordinary guests, and the impact Sesame Street has had on society as a whole.

Positive Impact on Children

Sesame Street has had a profound influence on the lives of millions of children. Through engaging storytelling, vibrant animations, and interactive segments, the show fosters cognitive, social, and emotional development in young viewers. Countless studies have shown the positive effects of Sesame Street on early childhood education.

Global Reach

Over the past 20 years, Sesame Street has transcended cultural boundaries and captivated audiences worldwide. La Historia Society explores the show's international success and provides a glimpse into how it has been adapted to various languages and cultures, effectively promoting education and inclusivity on a global scale.

Legacy and Future

Sesame Street continues to evolve and adapt, remaining a timeless beacon of learning and laughter. La Historia Society dives into the show's enduring legacy and sheds light on the creative minds behind the scenes. We also explore the exciting future of Sesame Street as it continues to inspire and educate future generations.


Join La Historia Society as we celebrate Sesame Street's 20 years of making learning fun and fostering a sense of community. Explore the pages of our website to discover more fascinating articles, interviews, and insights about iconic shows and the impact they have had on society. Together, let's keep the spirit of Sesame Street alive and continue to make a difference in young hearts and minds.

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Sesame Street is a timeless gem that continues to educate and entertain! 👏📺
Nov 12, 2023