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Feb 12, 2020


Welcome to La Historia Society, a thriving online community dedicated to promoting and celebrating the diverse talents of artists. In the realm of Community and Society, we take pride in showcasing the work of visionary individuals who challenge conventional norms and reshape artistic landscapes. One such luminary is none other than the brilliant Cory Arcangel - a name that has become synonymous with digital art revolution.

Unveiling the Creative Mind of Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel's unrivaled skills and innovative approach have propelled him to the forefront of the contemporary art scene. With an unparalleled ability to seamlessly blend technology, pop culture, and traditional forms, Arcangel has redefined the boundaries of artistic expression.

Multifaceted Artistic Vision

Arcangel's body of work spans across various mediums, including digital art, video installations, music, and even sculpture. By exploring the intersection of technology and art, he stimulates a profound sense of wonder and contemplation among his audience.

The Birth of a Revolutionary

Cory Arcangel's journey towards artistic eminence began with his early experiments in modifying video games. His ability to manipulate these virtual environments showcased his exceptional technical prowess and laid the foundation for his groundbreaking creations.

Exploring Cory Arcangel's Works

Digital Art Galore

Arcangel's digital art pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia while also exploring the impact of technology on contemporary society. Whether it's repurposing classic video game cartridges or reviving obsolete software, his works seamlessly merge the past and the present.

Game-Based Art

Incorporating elements from popular video games, Cory Arcangel's artistic practice provokes reflection on the influence of digital culture on our everyday lives. His profound understanding of gaming aesthetics and the power of interactivity creates immersive experiences that captivate viewers.

Internet Interventions

Arcangel's exploration of the internet as a medium for artistic expression demonstrates his ability to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Through interventions, viral websites, and unconventional projects, he challenges the status quo and invites viewers to reconsider their online experiences.

Video Installations That Mesmerize

Arcangel's video installations combine found footage, animation, and sound to create captivating works that transcend traditional boundaries of visual art. These immersive experiences take viewers on a journey where they encounter thought-provoking narratives and dialogues. Prepare to be transported into a world where art and technology converge.

Revitalizing the World of Music

Music holds a special place in Cory Arcangel's artistic repertoire. Through his sonic explorations, he reimagines and recontextualizes popular melodies, compositions, and even musical instruments. This unique approach breathes new life into familiar tunes, challenging traditional notions of musical creation and consumption.

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Cory Arcangel's impact on the art world is undeniable. Through his exceptional talent and relentless pursuit of innovation, he continues to redefine the possibilities of artistic expression in the digital age. La Historia Society invites you to delve into his remarkable body of work and be inspired by the transformative power of art.

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