Deana Haggag

Nov 22, 2022

Introduction to Deana Haggag

Deana Haggag, a prominent figure in the community and society, is an artist and advocate known for her exceptional contributions to the art world. As the Executive Director of La Historia Society, Deana has dedicated her career to promoting inclusivity, fostering creativity, and supporting emerging artists.

Artistic Endeavors

Deana's artistic journey has been filled with exploration and innovation. She is celebrated for her unique approach to various art forms, including painting, sculpture, and installation art. Deana's ability to express intricate emotions and social narratives through her creations has captivated audiences across the globe. Her thought-provoking artwork has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums, leaving a lasting impact on those who engage with her installations.

Projects and Achievements

Throughout her career, Deana Haggag has initiated and spearheaded numerous projects that redefine the boundaries of art and society. One of her notable achievements includes the creation of "Artists for Justice: Radical Presence and Social Inclusion." This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower marginalized artists and amplify their voices, fostering a more inclusive and diverse art community.

Artists for Justice: Radical Presence and Social Inclusion

The "Artists for Justice: Radical Presence and Social Inclusion" project serves as a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work and advocate for social change. Through this project, Deana Haggag strives to challenge traditional norms and promote artists who convey powerful messages through their creativity. The project has garnered critical acclaim for its ability to spark meaningful conversations on important social issues.

Impact on the Art World

Deana Haggag's relentless efforts to champion emerging artists and create spaces for underrepresented voices have reverberated throughout the art world. Her impactful initiatives have inspired an entire generation of artists to pursue their dreams fearlessly and use their creative abilities to effect positive change.

La Historia Society

Deana Haggag's commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse art community led to the establishment of La Historia Society. La Historia Society, under Deana's visionary leadership, serves as a hub for artists, activists, and enthusiasts to come together and create a space that celebrates different perspectives and encourages collaboration.

Community and Society

As a part of the Community and Society category, La Historia Society aims to bridge societal gaps through art and cultural exchange. Deana Haggag's vision for a more connected and empathetic community is reflected in the society's initiatives, programs, and exhibitions. By showcasing diverse artist voices and promoting dialogue, La Historia Society strives to make a lasting impact on society.


Deana Haggag's dedication to the arts, support for emerging artists, and commitment to creating an inclusive society are unparalleled. Through her innovative projects, impactful initiatives, and visionary leadership at La Historia Society, Deana has reshaped the art world and left an indelible mark on both the community and society as a whole. Her contributions continue to inspire and empower artists worldwide, making her a true beacon of creativity and social change.

Andrea Lewkowitz
Deana Haggag, an inspiration to artists everywhere! 👏🎨
Nov 8, 2023