Brian Henson directs Tall Poppy, The Jim Henson Company's ambitious short film in partnership with CGU Insurance to tackle Tall Poppy Syndrome

Oct 30, 2022

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Introducing 'Tall Poppy': The Ambitious Short Film

La Historia Society is proud to present 'Tall Poppy', an ambitious short film directed by the renowned Brian Henson, son of the beloved puppeteer Jim Henson. In collaboration with CGU Insurance, this unique project aims to tackle the pervasive issue of Tall Poppy Syndrome.

What is Tall Poppy Syndrome?

Tall Poppy Syndrome refers to a social phenomenon where successful or accomplished individuals are criticized, resented, or undermined by society due to their achievements. It often stems from envy, insecurity, or fear of others' success. This syndrome can hinder personal growth, discourage ambition, and create a negative culture within the community.

Tackling Tall Poppy Syndrome Through Art

The Jim Henson Company, renowned for their creative storytelling through puppetry, has joined forces with CGU Insurance to address this pressing issue. 'Tall Poppy', the short film, delivers a powerful message about embracing individuality, celebrating success, and supporting one another.

The Impact of 'Tall Poppy'

'Tall Poppy' explores the struggles and triumphs of a young entrepreneur who faces criticism and backlash for her achievements. The story delves into the emotional journey of overcoming societal pressures and discovering inner strength. Through the magic of puppetry and storytelling, this film aims to inspire and empower individuals who have experienced Tall Poppy Syndrome or any form of unwarranted negativity.

Partnership with CGU Insurance

CGU Insurance, a leading company in the insurance industry, shares the vision of creating a supportive and inclusive society. By collaborating with The Jim Henson Company, CGU Insurance aspires to shed light on the issue of Tall Poppy Syndrome and promote a culture that values individual achievements and encourages others to reach their full potential.

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Brian Henson's direction of 'Tall Poppy', The Jim Henson Company's ambitious short film in partnership with CGU Insurance, marks a significant step in addressing the issue of Tall Poppy Syndrome. La Historia Society is proud to support this transformative project and invites you to explore, engage, and be part of the positive change it aims to create within our community.

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