Dec 27, 2018

Explore the Fascinating World of Dinosaurs Underwater

Welcome to La Historia Society, your go-to resource for all things dinosaurs! We are delighted to present you with Dinosaurs Under the Sea, an exciting series produced by the world-renowned Jim Henson Company. In this captivating show, dinosaurs come to life in the depths of the prehistoric sea, making science fun for audiences of all ages.

An Unforgettable Educational Experience

Dinosaurs Under the Sea takes you on an unforgettable journey back in time, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and vast oceans teemed with fascinating creatures. Through state-of-the-art animation and storytelling, this series presents a unique blend of education and entertainment, ensuring that learning about dinosaurs has never been more engaging.

Introducing the Jim Henson Company

As pioneers in the field of puppetry and animation, the Jim Henson Company has a long-standing history of creating memorable characters and stories. From the beloved Muppets to groundbreaking films such as The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, their imaginative creations have captured the hearts of millions. With Dinosaurs Under the Sea, the Jim Henson Company continues to push boundaries, bringing these ancient creatures back to life.

Discover the Prehistoric Underwater World

Join us as we dive into the prehistoric underwater world, where you'll encounter a wide range of incredible creatures. From ferocious marine reptiles like the mighty Tylosaurus to the gentle, filter-feeding Elasmosaurus, there is no shortage of exciting discoveries to be made.

Meet the Extraordinary Dinosaurs

Embark on an adventure with a unique cast of dinosaur characters, each with their own personality and story. Get to know Buddy, a young T-Rex who explores the underwater domain, encountering new friends and learning important lessons along the way. With beautifully designed characters, Dinosaurs Under the Sea brings these creatures to life in stunning detail.

Unleash Your Inner Paleontologist

At La Historia Society, we believe in the power of hands-on learning. That's why we provide a wealth of additional resources for you to further your knowledge of dinosaurs and prehistoric life. From interactive games and quizzes to educational articles and fossil replicas, you'll find everything you need to unleash your inner paleontologist.

Engaging Science Education

Dinosaurs Under the Sea serves as an invaluable educational tool, combining captivating storytelling with accurate scientific information. As you delve into the world of these ancient creatures, you'll gain a deeper understanding of dinosaur biology, behavior, and their place in Earth's history. Our goal is to make science accessible and exciting, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

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Dive into the Wonders of the Prehistoric Sea

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey beneath the waves to encounter ancient creatures that once roamed the Earth? Join us at La Historia Society and explore the fascinating world of Dinosaurs Under the Sea. Discover the perfect blend of science and entertainment as we make learning about dinosaurs an adventure you'll never forget.

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