Welcome to Sesamstrasse | Jim Henson's Red Book

Dec 26, 2019


La Historia Society proudly presents Sesamstrasse, a treasure trove of memories and cherished moments from the world-renowned children's television series, Jim Henson's Red Book. Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Sesamstrasse, beloved by millions around the globe.

The Legacy of Sesamstrasse

Sesamstrasse, the German adaptation of the iconic American television show Sesame Street, has been a cherished part of children's education and entertainment since its premiere in 1973. Created by Jim Henson, Sesamstrasse revolutionized children's programming with its unique approach to teaching valuable life lessons through innovative puppetry, engaging storylines, and memorable characters.

Meet the Characters

Discover the remarkable cast of characters that have brought joy and learning to generations of children. From the lovable furry monster Elmo to the inquisitive and adventurous Grover, each character in Sesamstrasse has captured the hearts of children worldwide. Join us as we explore their personalities, quirks, and the valuable lessons they impart.

Elmo: Everyone's Favorite Monster

Elmo, with his contagious laugh and endearing curiosity, has become a true icon of Sesamstrasse. Through his segments, Elmo teaches children about emotions, counting, and the importance of friendship. Get to know this beloved red monster as we delve into his charming journey.

Grover: The Adventurous Muppet

Join Grover on his exciting escapades as he explores the world around him. From astronaut missions to superhero quests, Grover's imaginative adventures capture the imaginations of children while teaching them about perseverance, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

Behind the Scenes: Jim Henson's Red Book

Get an exclusive glimpse into the visionary mind of Jim Henson, the creative genius responsible for Sesamstrasse. Discover the fascinating story behind the making of this groundbreaking show, documented in Jim Henson's Red Book. This chronicle reveals Henson's meticulous notes, sketches, and musings, shedding light on the tremendous effort put into bringing Sesamstrasse to life.

Exploring the Red Book

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Jim Henson's Red Book. This valuable resource takes you on a journey through the creative process, showcasing the development of characters, storylines, and the overall vision behind Sesamstrasse. Unearth the intriguing anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories that will deepen your appreciation of this timeless show.

Join the Sesamstrasse Community

Engage with fellow Sesamstrasse enthusiasts and join a vibrant community that celebrates this iconic series. Share your favorite moments, discuss compelling theories, and connect with like-minded fans who share your passion for Jim Henson's Red Book. Stay updated with the latest news, events, and exclusive content that will keep the Sesamstrasse spirit alive.


La Historia Society proudly presents Sesamstrasse | Jim Henson's Red Book, a tribute to the timeless legacy of this beloved show. Discover the magic, inspiration, and educational wonders that have made Sesamstrasse a cornerstone of children's programming for decades. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the impact of Sesamstrasse on generations past, present, and future.