2/15/1966 – 'Did show for Ideal Toys in connection with ...'

Jun 15, 2020


Welcome to La Historia Society's page dedicated to the significant event that took place on February 15, 1966. This event, in connection with Ideal Toys, holds great importance in our history. Join us as we delve into the details and uncover fascinating facts surrounding this momentous occasion.


In the year 1966, Ideal Toys, a renowned toy manufacturing company, organized a show that left a lasting impact on the industry. This event brought together industry professionals, toy enthusiasts, and the general public to witness the unveiling of revolutionary products. The show represented a turning point in the toy market and set new standards for innovation and creativity.

The Show

The Ideal Toys show on February 15, 1966, surpassed all expectations. Attendees were treated to a mesmerizing display of newly developed toys, each more captivating than the last. From advanced action figures to innovative board games, the event showcased the company's commitment to pushing boundaries and providing unparalleled entertainment.

New Toy Releases

During the show, Ideal Toys revealed a range of groundbreaking products that captured the imagination of children and adults alike. One of the highlights was their new line of action figures, featuring highly detailed and articulating figures based on popular characters of the time. These action figures became an instant hit and set a new standard for the industry.

In addition to action figures, Ideal Toys also introduced innovative board games that offered immersive gameplay experiences. These games incorporated new mechanics, captivating storylines, and engaging artwork, providing hours of entertainment for families and friends.

Influence and Legacy

The Ideal Toys show of February 15, 1966, left an indelible mark on the toy industry. It inspired other companies to innovate and strive for excellence. The products showcased at this event became the gold standard against which future toys were judged. The event's success created a ripple effect, leading to a surge in creativity and a wave of groundbreaking toys in the following years.


Join La Historia Society as we celebrate and document the historical event that occurred on February 15, 1966. The Ideal Toys show was a turning point in the toy industry and continues to be remembered for its impact on the market. Explore the details and fascinating facts surrounding this event, and join us as we pay homage to the past.

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