3/13-14/1969 – 'Shoot Community Coffee.'

Feb 27, 2019


Welcome to La Historia Society's page on the iconic 'Shoot Community Coffee' event that occurred on March 13-14, 1969. In this detailed account, we will explore the rich history and significance of this remarkable gathering within the community and society at large.

The Origins of 'Shoot Community Coffee'

'Shoot Community Coffee' emerged as a grassroots initiative aimed at fostering unity and collaboration among local coffee producers. Inspired by the growing coffee culture of the era, a group of visionary individuals from the community came together with a common goal of celebrating and supporting the coffee industry in our region.

The Vision and Purpose

The vision behind 'Shoot Community Coffee' was to create a platform where coffee producers, traders, and enthusiasts could come together to exchange knowledge, showcase their products, and celebrate the richness and diversity of the local coffee culture. This annual event aimed to promote collaboration, networking, and growth within the coffee industry while fostering a sense of community and pride.

The Impact on the Community

The impact of 'Shoot Community Coffee' on the local community was profound. This event brought people together from various backgrounds, be it coffee farmers, entrepreneurs, or simply coffee lovers. It helped generate awareness about the coffee industry's vital role in our region's economy, leading to increased support and appreciation for local coffee businesses.

Highlights of the Event

'Shoot Community Coffee' was a multi-day extravaganza packed with a wide range of activities and attractions. The event featured:

  • Interactive Panel Discussions: Industry experts led engaging discussions on coffee cultivation, processing techniques, and market trends, equipping attendees with valuable insights.
  • Coffee Tasting Sessions: Participants had the opportunity to savor an array of exquisite local coffee blends, honing their taste buds and appreciating the nuances of different flavors.
  • Artistic Showcases: Local artists showcased their talents through coffee-themed artworks, creating a vibrant ambiance and celebrating the fusion of art and coffee culture.
  • Coffee Competitions: Baristas competed for the title of the best coffee brewer, showcasing their skills and creativity in crafting innovative and delicious coffee beverages.
  • Farm Tours: Guided tours of coffee farms allowed visitors to gain firsthand knowledge about the coffee production process, fostering a deeper connection with the origins of their favorite beverage.

Legacy and Future Outlook

'Shoot Community Coffee' left an indelible mark on the community and society as a whole. Beyond its immediate impact, the event sparked a renewed appreciation for local coffee, created opportunities for collaborations, and inspired the emergence of numerous coffee-related businesses and initiatives.

Looking ahead, La Historia Society remains committed to nurturing the legacy of 'Shoot Community Coffee.' We strive to carry forward the event's vision and values, ensuring that the local coffee industry continues to thrive, and the sense of community remains strong. Through our ongoing efforts, we aim to foster sustainable growth, promote ethical practices, and celebrate the rich tapestry of coffee culture.


In conclusion, the 'Shoot Community Coffee' event held on March 13-14, 1969, stands as a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and the love for coffee. Its impact on the local community and society is evident in the sustained growth and vibrancy of the local coffee industry. La Historia Society is proud to celebrate this landmark event and its contributions to our society's tapestry.

Aaron Smith
This event truly exemplifies the power of community and how it can shape societal dynamics. Looking forward to learning more about this historical gathering!
Nov 10, 2023