5/30-31/1981 - 'Shoot first Polaroid commercials.'

Dec 21, 2019


Welcome to La Historia Society's page dedicated to the shooting of the first Polaroid commercials that took place on May 30-31, 1981. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the details and significance of this groundbreaking event that shaped the world of advertising and photography.

Exploring the First-Ever Polaroid Commercials

May 30-31, 1981, marked a pivotal moment in the history of Polaroid Corporation. During this time, the company embarked on a bold endeavor - shooting their first-ever commercials. This significant step aimed to showcase the revolutionary capabilities of their instant photography technology to a global audience.

The Innovation of Instant Photography

Polaroid's breakthrough instant photography technology, invented by Edwin H. Land, had already revolutionized the way people captured and shared moments. However, reaching a wide audience was crucial for the commercial success of their products. The decision to create compelling television commercials was an essential move in achieving this goal.

Planning and Preparations

Months of meticulous planning and preparation preceded the shoot. The creative team at Polaroid, comprising talented marketers, advertising professionals, and photographers, collaborated to devise a strategy that would effectively demonstrate the speed, ease, and quality of their instant photography. The choice of location, casting, and scripting played critical roles in conveying the message effectively.

Behind the Scenes

The shooting of the first Polaroid commercials involved a dedicated crew of professionals who worked tirelessly to capture the essence of instant photography. The technical aspects, such as lighting, camera angles, and props, were diligently selected to highlight the unique attributes of Polaroid's products.

Location and Set Design

A picturesque setting was chosen to provide the ideal backdrop for the commercials. The location, carefully scouted and selected, perfectly complemented the narrative of capturing memorable moments. The set design involved meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the scene was visually appealing and aligned with Polaroid's brand identity.

Casting and Talent

The casting process aimed to find individuals who embodied the spirit of the era, representing the diverse range of people eager to immortalize their special moments through Polaroid's instant photography. Both professional actors and aspiring talents were selected to ensure authenticity and relatability in the commercials.

Directing and Filming

An experienced director oversaw the filming process, working closely with the crew and talent to capture the desired emotions and excitement associated with Polaroid's instant photography. Camera techniques, including close-ups and sweeping shots, were employed to immerse viewers in the magic of capturing memories instantly.

The Impact and Legacy

The launch of the first Polaroid commercials on May 30-31, 1981, generated immense buzz and anticipation among consumers worldwide. The success of these commercials propelled the brand to new heights, solidifying Polaroid's position as a pioneer in instant photography. The public's enthusiasm and adoption of Polaroid's products soared, leading to a shift in the way people captured moments and treasured memories.

Revolutionizing Advertising

These commercials not only showcased the technological prowess of Polaroid's instant photography but also revolutionized the advertising industry. The ability to capture and share moments instantly resonated deeply with consumers, transforming the way brands approached product promotion and storytelling.

A Lasting Cultural Influence

Forever etched in popular culture, the first Polaroid commercials of May 30-31, 1981, left an indelible mark. Instant photography became synonymous with spontaneity, creativity, and the joy of capturing cherished moments. Even today, Polaroid's legacy continues to inspire photographers, artists, and individuals drawn to the allure of instant gratification.


The shooting of the first Polaroid commercials on May 30-31, 1981, holds a special place in the history of both the company and the advertising industry. La Historia Society is honored to present this detailed account of the event, fostering a greater understanding of how innovation and creativity can shape our lives.

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