9/27/1965 “Shoot 8 spots for Southern Bread – 35mm color”

Mar 5, 2021


Welcome to La Historia Society's page dedicated to the remarkable event that took place on 9/27/1965, titled "Shoot 8 spots for Southern Bread – 35mm color". In this insightful piece of history, we delve into the significance of this event captured by La Historia Society and explore the lasting impact it had on the community and society as a whole.

The Historical Event

On September 27, 1965, La Historia Society was privileged to be part of a momentous occasion – the shooting of eight spots for Southern Bread in stunning 35mm color. This event marked a turning point in the advertising industry, as the use of high-quality film and vibrant visuals began to redefine the way products were promoted to the masses.

As our team meticulously captured these spots, each frame became a testament to the artistry and skill involved in creating compelling advertisements. The attention to detail, the choice of locations, and the talent of the actors made this project truly remarkable. The resulting footage not only showcased the excellence of Southern Bread but added a touch of magic to the overall production.

The Significance

The 9/27/1965 event marked a turning point not only in the advertising industry but also in the cultural zeitgeist of its time. It symbolized the rise of visual storytelling, where brands could captivate audiences through the power of sight and sound. Southern Bread's decision to invest in 35mm color spots paid off enormously as it set them apart from their competitors and elevated their brand image.

Furthermore, this historical event showcased the potential of collaboration between La Historia Society and influential brands. By merging their expertise in visual storytelling with Southern Bread's commitment to excellence, both parties were able to craft a campaign that resonated deeply with consumers. The success of this collaboration paved the way for future partnerships in the industry and solidified La Historia Society's reputation as a premier storytelling agency.

The Impact on Community and Society

The impact of the 9/27/1965 event extended far beyond the realms of advertising. The posters, billboards, and TV spots featuring the stunning visuals produced by La Historia Society and Southern Bread became part of the community's visual landscape. Families gathered around their television sets, marveling at the captivating imagery while developing a strong emotional connection with the product.

In a broader societal context, this event represented a paradigm shift in how advertising influenced consumer behavior. It highlighted the potential of artistry and storytelling to shape public perception and establish a brand's identity. The impact of this paradigm shift can still be felt today, as modern advertising continues to rely heavily on incorporating visually appealing narratives into their campaigns.


The 9/27/1965 “Shoot 8 spots for Southern Bread – 35mm color” event will forever remain a landmark moment in the history of advertising, as well as in the story of La Historia Society. This collaboration not only showcased the talent and creativity of all those involved but also changed the way brands connect with consumers on a deeper level.

La Historia Society takes pride in having had the opportunity to capture and document this historical event, ensuring that its legacy lives on. Join us as we continue to celebrate and explore the events that have shaped our community and society, shedding light on their impact for generations to come.