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Jun 2, 2018


La Historia Society is thrilled to present the latest news on “Earth to Ned,” a fascinating TV show created by The Jim Henson Company. As a trusted source for all things related to the Community and Society, we bring you a comprehensive overview and exclusive updates on this one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

“Earth to Ned” Overview

“Earth to Ned” is a remarkable show that beams into the lives of its viewers, offering unexpected glimpses into the world of Earthling celebrities. Created by The Jim Henson Company, renowned for their groundbreaking puppetry and storytelling, this series combines entertainment, humor, and insightful interviews with an otherworldly twist.

With Ned, a lovable alien from the planet Ned, as the host, the show follows his adventures onboard his spaceship. Ned and his crew raise the bar for celebrity interviews as they strive to better understand Earth culture, the entertainment industry, and the captivating stories behind some of the most recognized names in the business.

The “Earth to Ned” Experience

Prepare yourself for a unique and captivating experience like no other. “Earth to Ned” takes viewers on a delightful journey that blends comedy, curiosity, and fascinating stories. Each episode presents a new guest or guests, carefully selected from the world of entertainment, and provides a platform for them to share their personal narratives.

Ned's unconventional interview style encourages candid conversations, revealing the hidden depths behind the public personas of familiar faces. From seasoned actors and musicians to beloved comedians and cultural icons, “Earth to Ned” transcends typical celebrity interviews, offering viewers insights that are both enlightening and entertaining.

Insights and Revelations from the Show

The interviews on “Earth to Ned” often unveil surprising aspects of the featured guests' lives. Viewers gain a deeper understanding of their favorite celebrities as they discuss their upbringing, passions, challenges, and successes. The show uncovers anecdotes and presents stories that shed light on the human struggles, triumphs, and emotions behind the glitz and glamour of fame.

Reaching for the Stars

“Earth to Ned” is breaking barriers and redefining the entertainment landscape. This extraordinary series goes beyond traditional talk shows, creating a safe space for celebrities to share their stories while providing viewers with an intimate, genuine perspective on their lives.

La Historia Society proudly supports the message behind “Earth to Ned” and shares the belief that everyone’s story deserves to be heard. Join us as we explore the far reaches of entertainment, bridging the gap between Earth and Ned’s intergalactic world.

Stay Tuned for Updates

La Historia Society is committed to keeping you informed about the latest episodes, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes moments from “Earth to Ned.” Be sure to bookmark this page and visit us regularly for the most up-to-date news and comprehensive coverage of this groundbreaking show.

With in-depth articles and engaging content, La Historia Society aims to be your go-to source for all things related to “Earth to Ned.” We are excited to share this extraordinary journey with you and provide a platform to celebrate the stories and experiences that make us all unique.


Immerse yourself in “Earth to Ned” from The Jim Henson Company, an interstellar adventure that takes celebrity interviews to a whole new level. La Historia Society welcomes you to become part of this monumental experience as we continue to bring you the latest insights, behind-the-scenes moments, and captivating details from the show. Stay connected with us on your journey through the stars and unearth the stories that make our world truly extraordinary.

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