12-December '69 | Jim Henson's Red Book

Mar 10, 2022

Welcome to La Historia Society's page dedicated to the intriguing events of December 1969 found in Jim Henson's Red Book. Join us as we delve into the timeline of Jim Henson's life and the notable occurrences that unfolded during this month. Prepare to be captivated by Henson's journey and the impact he left on the world.

December 1st, 1969 - A Creative Leap

In the early days of December 1969, Jim Henson's creative genius was in full swing. He envisioned groundbreaking puppetry techniques and imaginative characters that would soon captivate audiences worldwide. Henson's dedication to his craft led to the creation of some of his most iconic creations, laying the foundation for the incredible success that awaited him.

December 7th, 1969 - Premiere of 'The Great Santa Claus Switch'

On the 7th of December 1969, television screens were graced with the premiere of "The Great Santa Claus Switch." This holiday-themed show, produced by Henson, showcased his exceptional talent in puppetry, comedy, and storytelling. Audiences were enchanted by the unique charm and humor that became synonymous with Henson's work.

December 17th, 1969 - 'Sesame Street' Continues to Shine

A mere ten days after "The Great Santa Claus Switch" aired, December 17th marked a significant milestone for Henson. It was on this day that his beloved creation, "Sesame Street," continued to captivate young minds and impact early childhood education across the nation. Henson's collaboration with the Children's Television Workshop brought beloved characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Elmo to life, forever changing children's programming.

December 25, 1969 - Merry Christmas from the Henson Family

As December drew to a close, festivities were in full swing, and the Henson family celebrated Christmas with joy and merriment. Jim Henson's dedication to spreading happiness and the magic of puppetry extended to his own family, creating everlasting memories and cherished traditions for generations to come.

La Historia Society: Celebrating Jim Henson's Legacy

La Historia Society takes great pride in delving into the history and impact of creative icons like Jim Henson. Through detailed exploration and storytelling, we strive to honor Henson's life and work, shedding light on the moments that defined him. Join us on this extraordinary journey through time as we continue to uncover the rich tapestry of Henson's legacy.


December 1969 was a month filled with significant milestones for Jim Henson, marking the continuing rise of his remarkable career. From revolutionary puppetry techniques to the premiere of iconic shows, Henson's influence on popular culture was undeniable. La Historia Society is proud to share these extraordinary moments with you as we celebrate the enduring legacy of Jim Henson and the magic he brought into our lives.

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