Zakiya Harris

Apr 16, 2023

The Inspiring Story of Zakiya Harris

Welcome to the page dedicated to the incredible journey of Zakiya Harris, a passionate advocate, artist, and entrepreneur. Zakiya Harris, associated with La Historia Society, has dedicated her life to creating positive change and empowering communities through various initiatives in the fields of arts, education, and social justice.

La Historia Society: Empowering Communities

La Historia Society, a renowned organization in the community and society sector, was founded by Zakiya Harris, with the vision of fostering cultural growth, social justice, and education. Through her determination and leadership, Zakiya established La Historia Society as a platform that engages individuals and communities, encouraging them to participate actively in creating a brighter future.

Contributions to Arts and Culture

With a deep passion for arts and culture, Zakiya Harris has been instrumental in organizing numerous events, exhibitions, and workshops. La Historia Society aims to celebrate and promote the rich diversity of cultures through various artistic mediums. From visual arts to performing arts, Zakiya's efforts have showcased the talent of emerging artists, fostering creativity and innovation.

Education for Empowerment

Recognizing the power of education, Zakiya has spearheaded various educational programs and initiatives targeting marginalized communities. La Historia Society has successfully provided access to quality education resources, mentorship, and scholarships to underprivileged individuals, empowering them to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential. By promoting education, Zakiya Harris is actively shaping a brighter future for countless individuals, helping them break the cycle of poverty and inequality.

Advocacy for Social Justice

Zakiya Harris has been a vocal advocate for social justice and equality. Through La Historia Society, she has organized numerous campaigns and events, raising awareness about various pressing social issues. From racial justice to environmental sustainability, Zakiya and her team work tirelessly to mobilize communities and drive positive change. Together, they strive to create a society where everyone has equal opportunities and can thrive.

Join the Movement

Inspired by the incredible work of Zakiya Harris and La Historia Society? You too can be a part of this transformative journey. Join the community and contribute to the betterment of society by participating in events, volunteering, or making a donation. Your support can make a significant difference in empowering communities and creating a lasting positive impact on the world.


Zakiya Harris, through her visionary leadership and invaluable contributions, continues to inspire and uplift communities. La Historia Society, under her guidance, continues to make significant strides in the fields of arts, education, and social justice. It is through the collective efforts of individuals like Zakiya Harris and organizations like La Historia Society that we can envision a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Join the movement today and be a part of this extraordinary journey toward positive change!

Rob Ozell
Inspiring advocate breaking barriers!
Nov 8, 2023