YBCA 10: Darryl Ratcliff, Nikiko Masumoto, Hasain Rasheed, and Leticia Hernandez

Sep 5, 2022

Empowering Change through Art and Activism

La Historia Society proudly presents the incredible work and contributions of four visionary individuals who are making a significant impact in our community. Join us as we celebrate the achievements and stories of Darryl Ratcliff, Nikiko Masumoto, Hasain Rasheed, and Leticia Hernandez - the inspiring members of YBCA 10.

Who are the YBCA 10?

The YBCA 10 is an esteemed group of artists, activists, and change-makers recognized for their innovative and socially-engaged work. Every year, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) selects ten remarkable individuals who push the boundaries of their respective fields and create transformative experiences for audiences.

Darryl Ratcliff, Nikiko Masumoto, Hasain Rasheed, and Leticia Hernandez have been deservedly included in the prestigious YBCA 10 list, showcasing their remarkable contributions to our society.

Darryl Ratcliff: Uniting Communities through Art and Technology

Darryl Ratcliff, an accomplished artist and technologist, is at the forefront of bridging the gap between art, technology, and social change. With his groundbreaking projects, Ratcliff has redefined the possibilities of community engagement and activism.

Through his immersive installations and digital artworks, Ratcliff sparks conversations around issues such as racial justice, gentrification, and environmental sustainability. His ability to merge art and technology creates powerful experiences that connect people from diverse backgrounds and foster meaningful dialogue.

Nikiko Masumoto: Cultivating Voices of Resilience through Farming

Nikiko Masumoto is an extraordinary farmer and storyteller who uses farming as a means to promote cultural resilience and social justice. As a fourth-generation farmer from the Masumoto family, she carries on a legacy deeply rooted in the land.

Through her sustainable farming practices and community outreach, Masumoto cultivates an environment where individuals can reconnect with the earth and their cultural heritage. Her work not only nourishes communities with delicious organic produce but also empowers marginalized voices and promotes food equity.

Hasain Rasheed: Activism through the Power of Poetry

Hasain Rasheed is a powerful spoken word poet and community activist who fearlessly addresses systemic injustices through his art. With his poignant words and captivating performances, Rasheed brings attention to social issues that often go unnoticed.

Rasheed's poetry is a form of activism, empowering individuals to question the status quo and strive for a more equitable society. His lyrical expressions unite people, ignite passion, and inspire action to create lasting change.

Leticia Hernandez: Inspiring Education through Cultural Preservation

Leticia Hernandez is a dedicated educator and cultural preservationist who works tirelessly to ensure the next generation values their heritage. Through her innovative teaching methods, Hernandez creates immersive and engaging learning experiences that honor diverse cultures.

By integrating music, storytelling, and traditional practices in her classrooms, Hernandez nurtures cultural pride and fosters empathy and understanding among students. Her commitment to educational equity and cultural preservation is transforming the way we educate future leaders.

Join Us in Celebrating their Impact!

As proud members of La Historia Society, we invite you to join us in celebrating the incredible impact of Darryl Ratcliff, Nikiko Masumoto, Hasain Rasheed, and Leticia Hernandez. These four extraordinary individuals are carving a path towards a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and initiatives by visiting our website. Together, let's honor their work and continue supporting the artists and activists who make a difference in our community.