YBCA Announces New Senior Fellows Brett Cook & Liz Lerman

Jun 10, 2023

As a prominent organization in the Community and Society sector, La Historia Society is thrilled to share the exciting news of the appointment of Brett Cook and Liz Lerman as the new Senior Fellows at YBCA (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts). This highly prestigious fellowship recognizes their exceptional contributions to the arts and their dedication to fostering positive change within the community.

Introducing Brett Cook

Brett Cook is a renowned visual artist, activist, and educator whose impactful work has left a lasting impression on various communities across the globe. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of art, Cook has consistently pushed boundaries and encouraged dialogue through his thought-provoking installations and engaging public artworks. His ability to bridge cultural divides and facilitate meaningful connections among diverse groups showcases his commitment to fostering inclusivity and social equity.

Throughout his career, Brett Cook has collaborated with numerous organizations, museums, and local communities, using visual art as a medium for social change. His innovative approach enables individuals from different backgrounds to share their stories, experiences, and dreams, fostering a sense of unity and empathy within communities. Cook's dedication to community engagement has made him an inspiring figure in the field, and his appointment as a Senior Fellow at YBCA further cements his role as a leader in the arts.

Unveiling Liz Lerman

Liz Lerman is an accomplished choreographer, performer, and writer. With a career spanning over four decades, Lerman has made significant contributions to the world of dance and community engagement. She is renowned for her unique approach, combining movement, storytelling, and dialogue to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences. Lerman's work challenges conventional notions of dance and embraces a wider perspective that encompasses the broader issues faced by society.

A pioneer in creating collaborative works, Liz Lerman has brought together artists, scientists, and community members to engage in dialogue and address pressing social challenges. Her interdisciplinary approach has resulted in groundbreaking performances that explore themes of identity, social justice, and ecological sustainability. Through her innovative projects, Lerman has proven the power of art in influencing conversations, provoking introspection, and inspiring collective action.

The Impact of Their Appointment

The appointment of Brett Cook and Liz Lerman as Senior Fellows at YBCA marks a significant milestone in the organization's commitment to empowering artists who aim to effect positive change in the community and society. Their expertise, combined with their exceptional talent, will undoubtedly contribute to the development of innovative programs and initiatives that will resonate with diverse audiences and address pressing societal issues.

La Historia Society is honored to support and collaborate with YBCA in this remarkable endeavor. Together, we recognize the importance of nurturing artistic voices that have the power to inspire, challenge, and transform society. By celebrating the unique perspectives and voices of artists like Brett Cook and Liz Lerman, we can foster a culture of empathy, inclusivity, and social progress within our communities.


The appointment of Brett Cook and Liz Lerman as Senior Fellows at YBCA reflects La Historia Society's commitment to championing exceptional artists who use their work to ignite change and promote social cohesion. Their highly anticipated tenure promises exciting new projects, exhibitions, and collaborations that will undoubtedly contribute to the rich cultural fabric of our society.

We encourage you to stay updated on the inspiring work of these remarkable individuals and explore the myriad of opportunities to engage with the vibrant arts community at YBCA. Together, we can celebrate and support the transformative power of art, fostering a world where creativity thrives, and meaningful connections are forged.

These are exciting times for YBCA! Congrats to Brett Cook & Liz Lerman on their well-deserved appointment as Senior Fellows. Their exceptional artistic contributions and dedication to community growth make them perfect choices. Looking forward to seeing the positive impact they'll bring to the arts and our society. Well done, YBCA!
Nov 11, 2023