YBCA Fellows

Mar 13, 2021

About YBCA Fellows Program

La Historia Society proudly presents the YBCA Fellows program, dedicated to supporting talented individuals who strive to create positive change within our community. As a renowned community and society organization, we believe in the power of art and culture to inspire and transform lives. Through this unique fellowship initiative, we provide a platform for emerging leaders and visionaries to nurture their creative pursuits, engage with diverse communities, and develop projects that address pressing social issues.

Our Accomplished Fellows

Over the years, La Historia Society's YBCA Fellows program has attracted exceptional individuals from various artistic and social backgrounds. Our fellows are selected based on their outstanding achievements, innovative ideas, and dedication to driving positive social impact. Each fellow is supported with a generous stipend, access to resources, mentoring, and the opportunity to collaborate with renowned artists and community leaders.

The Impactful Contributions

The YBCA Fellows program has proven to be a catalyst for transformative projects that address relevant social issues. Our fellows have embarked on innovative initiatives such as fostering inclusivity through public art installations, advocating for equity in education, promoting sustainable practices within marginalized communities, and amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups through performance art.

Collaboration and Community Engagement

Collaboration and community engagement are at the core of the YBCA Fellows program. We believe that the power of collective action can bring about meaningful change. Our fellows actively collaborate with community organizations, educational institutions, local artists, and activists to create projects that encourage dialogue, challenge societal norms, and inspire empathy.

Public Exhibitions and Showcases

La Historia Society takes pride in showcasing the remarkable work of our YBCA Fellows. Through curated exhibitions, performances, and showcases, we bring the culmination of their year-long projects to a wider audience. These public events not only celebrate the fellows' achievements but also provide a platform for dialogue, reflection, and engagement with the community.

Apply for the Fellowship

La Historia Society is always seeking talented and passionate individuals who are committed to creating meaningful change through their artistic endeavors. We encourage potential fellows to submit their applications during our open call period. Join us in our mission to transform communities and promote social justice through art and culture.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the YBCA Fellows program, please reach out to us through the provided contact information. We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with fellow changemakers who share our vision for a brighter and more inclusive future.

Jaime Kably
Impressive initiative.
Nov 8, 2023