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Jul 28, 2019

About Alonzo King

Alonzo King is a renowned artist and dance visionary whose groundbreaking work has captivated audiences worldwide. Born in California, King developed a deep passion for dance at a young age, and he dedicated his life to pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance forms.

Artistic Journey

Alonzo King's artistic journey began when he founded Alonzo King LINES Ballet in 1982. With a commitment to artistic excellence and innovative collaborations, King quickly established LINES Ballet as a leading contemporary dance company. Over the years, he has collaborated with renowned musicians, composers, and visual artists to create breathtaking performances that seamlessly blend various art forms.

Approach to Dance

What sets Alonzo King apart is his unique approach to dance. He believes in the power of movement to connect people on a deeper level, transcending language and cultural barriers. King's choreography is known for its fluidity, grace, and emotional depth, captivating audiences with its sheer beauty and profound storytelling.

Influence on the Community and Society

Alonzo King's impact extends far beyond the stage. Through his work, he seeks to ignite conversations and social change within the community and society. He believes that art has the power to provoke thought, challenge norms, and inspire individuals to see the world from new perspectives.


Alonzo King's artistic legacy is one that continues to inspire and shape the dance world. His choreography has been performed by esteemed dance companies worldwide, and his commitment to nurturing and mentoring young dancers has influenced countless aspiring artists. Through his innovative approach and unwavering dedication to his craft, King has left an indelible mark on the world of dance.

Experience the Magic

At La Historia Society, we invite you to experience the magic of Alonzo King's work. Join us as we delve into his creative process, explore his collaborations, and witness the transformative power of movement. Discover the awe-inspiring performances and immerse yourself in the beauty of contemporary dance.

Upcoming Events

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Alonzo King's contributions to the world of dance are immeasurable. His groundbreaking work, unique artistic vision, and commitment to social change have solidified his place as one of the most influential figures in contemporary dance. Through La Historia Society, we aim to celebrate, honor, and share the incredible journey of Alonzo King, showcasing his enduring impact on the community and society.

Robin Black
👏 Alonzo King's dance artistry has captivated audiences worldwide. Truly a visionary! 🌟
Nov 8, 2023