Dec 18, 2018


Welcome to La Historia Society, the ultimate destination to explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs through the popular animated series, Dinosaur Train. Join us as we dive into the thrilling new episodes of "Nature Trackers" airing this November on PBS Kids. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other as Buddy, Shiny, Tiny, and Don embark on exciting quests in the great outdoors!

Discover the Wonders of Nature

Are you ready to become a nature tracker? The new episodes of Dinosaur Train's "Nature Trackers" take you on an educational and exciting journey, where you'll learn about various ecosystems, plants, animals, and the interconnections that make our natural world so remarkable.

Episode 1: Exploring the Rainforest

In this thrilling episode, Buddy and his friends head to the lush rainforests to unlock its mysteries. They encounter fascinating creatures like colorful birds, playful monkeys, and incredible insects. Our young adventurers learn about the importance of biodiversity and the vital role rainforests play in sustaining life on Earth.

Episode 2: Journey to the Arctic

Brrr! Join Buddy and his pals as they brave the freezing temperatures of the Arctic. They meet mighty polar bears, graceful seals, and adorable penguins. Through their expedition, the kids discover the challenges faced by animals in this icy habitat and how they have adapted to survive in such extreme conditions.

Episode 3: Trekking Through the Desert

Hold on tight as Buddy and his friends explore the scorching desert. From camels and snakes to beetles and cacti, they encounter an array of fascinating desert dwellers. Through their adventure, they learn about the unique adaptations that allow these organisms to thrive in the harsh desert environment.

Episode 4: Safari at the Savannah

Get ready to go on a safari with Buddy and his crew! They venture into the African savannah, where they encounter herds of elephants, zebras, and majestic lions. Through their safari, they uncover the wonders of the savannah and the complex relationships between animals and their surroundings.

Why Watch "Nature Trackers" on PBS Kids?

PBS Kids has been a trusted source of educational content for children for years. With its commitment to providing entertaining and informative programming, it's no wonder that Dinosaur Train's "Nature Trackers" is a must-watch for young learners. By tuning in to these episodes, your child will:

  • Explore different ecosystems and their inhabitants
  • Learn about the importance of conservation and protecting our planet
  • Discover fascinating facts about various plants and animals
  • Develop an appreciation for the wonders of nature
  • Enhance their scientific knowledge in a fun and engaging way

Join the Nature Tracking Adventure

Don't miss out on the excitement of Dinosaur Train's "Nature Trackers" episodes this November on PBS Kids. Encourage your child's curiosity about the natural world and engage in meaningful discussions about the environment. Join La Historia Society as we embark on this thrilling educational journey!