Best 15+ Creative DIY Wall Clock Ideas for Kids

Jun 13, 2020


Welcome to La Historia Society's collection of the best 15+ creative DIY wall clock ideas for kids. If you're looking to add a personalized touch to your child's room, these unique and engaging wall clock ideas will inspire you. From colorful designs to educational themes, our collection has something for everyone. Let's dive in and explore the exciting world of DIY wall clocks!

1. Colorful Paper Plate Wall Clock

If you're looking for a fun and budget-friendly project, try creating a colorful paper plate wall clock. All you need are some paper plates, paint, and clock hands. Let your child's imagination run wild as they decorate the plates with their favorite colors and patterns. This project not only encourages creativity but also helps children learn to tell time.

2. Lego Wall Clock

For little builders and Lego enthusiasts, a Lego wall clock is the perfect addition to their room. Gather different colored Lego bricks and use them to create a unique and interactive wall clock. This DIY project allows children to showcase their construction skills and adds a playful touch to their space.

3. Educational Puzzle Wall Clock

Combine learning and time-telling with an educational puzzle wall clock. Create a clock face using a puzzle that features numbers or shapes. As your child assembles the puzzle, they'll simultaneously become familiar with the concept of time. This idea not only promotes cognitive development but also makes learning fun.

4. Animal Silhouette Wall Clock

Bring the animal kingdom into your child's room with an animal silhouette wall clock. Cut out silhouettes of their favorite animals from colorful paper or cardboard and use them as clock markers. This project adds a touch of nature to the room and sparks your child's interest in wildlife.

5. Personalized Photo Wall Clock

Capture precious memories by creating a personalized photo wall clock. Print out your child's favorite pictures and attach them to the clock face. This project not only allows your child to showcase their favorite moments but also serves as a great conversation starter.

6. DIY Vinyl Record Wall Clock

If you're a music lover, repurpose an old vinyl record into a stylish wall clock. All you need is a clock mechanism and some colorful paint or markers. This project adds a retro and artistic touch to your child's room and instills a love for music.

7. Sports-Themed Wall Clock

For sports enthusiasts, a sports-themed wall clock is a fantastic choice. Use craft foam or wooden cutouts to create clock markers in the shape of balls from various sports. This project celebrates your child's passion for sports and encourages them to stay active.

8. Rainbow Watercolor Wall Clock

Add a burst of color to your child's room with a rainbow watercolor wall clock. Create a watercolor effect on the clock face using different shades of paint. This project promotes creativity and makes a vibrant statement in any space.

9. Dinosaur Wall Clock

Transport your child to the prehistoric era with a dinosaur-themed wall clock. Cut out dinosaur shapes from sturdy paper or cardboard and decorate them with paint or markers. This project not only adds a touch of excitement to the room but also nurtures your child's love for dinosaurs.

10. Handprint Wall Clock

Create a meaningful keepsake with a handprint wall clock. Trace your child's hand onto the clock face and let them paint or decorate it. This project serves as a personalized reminder of how quickly your child is growing and adds a sentimental touch to their room.

11. Space Adventure Wall Clock

Ignite your child's imagination with a space adventure wall clock. Paint or draw a space-themed scene on the clock face and place glow-in-the-dark star stickers as clock markers. This project encourages an interest in astronomy and makes bedtime feel like an exciting journey.

12. Nature-Inspired Wall Clock

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a nature-inspired wall clock. Attach dried leaves, flowers, or pinecones to the clock face using craft glue. This project creates a calming atmosphere and sparks your child's curiosity about the natural world.

13. Storybook Wall Clock

Combine storytelling and time-telling with a storybook wall clock. Cut out illustrations from your child's favorite books and paste them around the clock face. This project encourages reading and imagination while incorporating a functional element.

14. Puzzle Piece Wall Clock

Turn puzzle pieces into a unique wall clock. Paint puzzle pieces in different colors and arrange them to form a clock face. This project not only provides a fun challenge but also promotes fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

15. Superhero Wall Clock

For little superheroes, a superhero-themed wall clock is a must-have. Cut out superhero logos from colored paper or fabric and attach them as clock markers. This project celebrates your child's favorite characters and adds a touch of heroism to their room.

In Conclusion

We hope these 15+ creative DIY wall clock ideas for kids have inspired you to create a unique and exciting timepiece for your child's room. Let their personality shine through as you embark on these fun projects together. Remember, these DIY wall clocks not only add a decorative element to the room but also promote creativity, learning, and a sense of personalization. Get started today and see the joy on your child's face as they admire their very own handmade masterpiece!

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