Tania Bruguera: Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder

Jul 31, 2021

About Tania Bruguera:

Tania Bruguera is a renowned artist and activist who has made significant contributions to the art world through her thought-provoking installations and performances. Born in Cuba, Bruguera's work often explores social and political issues, challenging conventional boundaries and encouraging dialogue.

About the Exhibition:

'Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder' is an immersive exhibition curated by La Historia Society, dedicated to showcasing the works of Tania Bruguera. The exhibition delves deep into the artist's creative process, examining the intersection between art, activism, and social change.

Art as a Catalyst for Change:

Bruguera's work serves as a powerful catalyst for change, presenting audiences with an opportunity to question and reflect upon societal norms and power dynamics. Through her multidisciplinary approach, she challenges viewers to actively engage with pressing issues, amplifying voices often marginalized or silenced.

Exploring Bruguera's Installations:

The exhibition brings together some of Bruguera's most notable installations, providing a comprehensive overview of her artistic journey. Witness thoughtfully designed spaces that confront topics such as immigration, censorship, and human rights. Each installation invites viewers to immerse themselves in the experience, prompting critical thinking and dialogue.


One of the standout installations in the exhibition is 'Borderlines.' This thought-provoking piece challenges the concept of borders and explores the experiences of those affected by migration. Through immersive audiovisual elements, viewers are transported to the border, shedding light on the human stories that often go untold.

'Voyage of the Diaspora'

'Voyage of the Diaspora' is another remarkable installation that traces the historical journey of the Afro-Cuban diaspora. Through a mix of storytelling, artwork, and interactive displays, Bruguera highlights the resilience and cultural richness of the African diaspora while raising awareness about the ongoing struggles faced by marginalized communities.

Join Us for a Transformative Experience:

La Historia Society invites you to immerse yourself in the powerful world of Tania Bruguera's 'Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder' exhibition. Engage in meaningful conversations with fellow visitors, explore the artistry of Bruguera's thought-provoking installations, and be inspired to make a difference in our society.

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Plan Your Visit:

To make the most of your visit to 'Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder,' we recommend allowing ample time to engage with each installation fully. Take advantage of our guided tours, hosted by knowledgeable curators who will provide deeper insights into the artworks and their significance.

Supporting Art and Empowering Communities:

Your visit to La Historia Society is more than an opportunity to experience exceptional art; it is a chance to support our mission of empowering communities through creative engagement. We believe in the transformative power of art and aim to create an environment where diverse voices and perspectives are celebrated.

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Experience the Power of Art and Activism:

'Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder' by Tania Bruguera is not just an exhibition; it is an invitation to engage, challenge, and inspire change. Join us for an unforgettable journey that transcends the boundaries of art, allowing us to envision a more inclusive and equitable society.

Erik Freeland
Impressive exhibition by Tania Bruguera, her thought-provoking art stimulates meaningful conversations and challenges perspectives.
Nov 11, 2023