Koch Records Gets Down with Fraggle Rock!

Jun 24, 2020


Welcome to an exciting collaboration between Koch Records and Fraggle Rock, brought to you by La Historia Society. In this vibrant community and society, we delve into the magical world of Fraggle Rock and explore the memorable music that accompanies it.

The Enchanting World of Fraggle Rock

Step into the enchanting world of Fraggle Rock, a captivating universe filled with colorful characters and fascinating stories. Created by Jim Henson, Fraggle Rock takes us on a journey through the lives of the furry, cave-dwelling Fraggles, the diligent Doozers, and the wise Gorgs.

Discover Your Favorite Fraggle

Within Fraggle Rock, you'll encounter a wide range of lovable characters. From the adventurous Gobo to the gentle Mokey, each Fraggle offers a unique perspective and endearing qualities. Explore their individual stories, quirks, and relationships as you become immersed in their world.

The Doozers' Inventive Spirit

While the Fraggles often find themselves embarking on exciting adventures, they also rely on the Doozers' industrious nature. Join the Doozers as they showcase their remarkable construction skills and inventiveness, providing a balance to the whimsical Fraggles.

The Melodies of Fraggle Rock

One of the most beloved aspects of Fraggle Rock is its unforgettable music. Koch Records has been instrumental in bringing the melodic wonders of Fraggle Rock to audiences worldwide. With their vibrant collection of soundtracks, Koch Records has preserved and shared the magic of Fraggle Rock through music.

Immerse Yourself in Fraggle Tunes

Take a nostalgic journey as you dive into the rich discography of Fraggle Rock. Koch Records offers a vast array of Fraggle Rock soundtracks, encompassing all the memorable songs that have captivated fans for decades. From the lively "Dance Your Cares Away" to the introspective "Follow Me," prepare to be enchanted by the timeless melodies.

Relive Fraggle Magic

With Koch Records' commitment to preserving the heritage of Fraggle Rock's music, you can relive the magical moments of your favorite episodes. Embark on a musical adventure, singing along with the Fraggles and experiencing the profound messages that each song carries.

Join the Fraggle Rock Community

La Historia Society welcomes you to become a part of our vibrant Fraggle Rock community. Engage with fellow Fraggle enthusiasts, share your favorite moments, and immerse yourself in discussions surrounding this beloved series.

Stay Updated with Fraggle News

Be the first to know about the latest developments in the Fraggle Rock universe. La Historia Society is dedicated to providing up-to-date news and exciting announcements, ensuring that you remain connected to the world of Fraggles and their extraordinary escapades.

Participate in Fraggle Events

Join us for Fraggle Rock-themed events and gatherings, where fans and newcomers come together to celebrate the enduring magic of this cherished series. Discover new friendships, engage in lively discussions, and create lasting memories as you share your love for Fraggle Rock.


La Historia Society, in partnership with Koch Records, brings you a unique opportunity to rediscover and revel in the wonders of Fraggle Rock. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Fraggles and relish the unforgettable melodies that have become a hallmark of this beloved series. Join our Fraggle Rock community and be a part of the magic that continues to captivate audiences of all ages.