'SID THE SCIENCE KID' Premieres All New Episodes On PBS Kids

Jul 26, 2019

Join La Historia Society in Celebrating Science Education for Kids

Welcome to La Historia Society, a community-driven initiative focused on promoting education, literacy, and cultural advancement. We are thrilled to announce that the popular children's show "SID THE SCIENCE KID" is premiering all new episodes on PBS Kids! It's an exciting time for parents and children alike as we continue to foster a love for science education.


'SID THE SCIENCE KID' is a beloved animated television series that follows the adventures of Sid and his friends as they explore the wonders of the world around them. With its engaging characters and educational content, the show has become a favorite among children and parents alike. It encourages young minds to ask questions, make observations, and develop a curiosity for science.

Embracing Science Education

At La Historia Society, we strongly believe in the power of education to transform lives. By promoting science education among children, we aim to equip them with critical-thinking skills and ignite a lifelong passion for learning. Through shows like 'SID THE SCIENCE KID', children can develop a strong foundation in scientific principles while having fun!

Learning Through Play

The beauty of 'SID THE SCIENCE KID' lies in its ability to effectively blend education with entertainment. The show uses interactive elements, catchy songs, and age-appropriate humor to captivate young audiences. It seamlessly integrates scientific concepts and encourages children to explore the world around them. By watching 'SID THE SCIENCE KID', children can learn valuable life lessons and develop an understanding of how things work.

Key Features of 'SID THE SCIENCE KID'

'SID THE SCIENCE KID' offers a wide range of learning opportunities for children. Some key features of the show include:

  • Scientific Exploration: Sid and his friends embark on exciting adventures, exploring various scientific concepts such as the water cycle, the five senses, and the importance of exercise.
  • Hands-on Experiments: Through simple and engaging experiments, children can participate in the learning process and understand scientific principles in a practical way.
  • Problem-Solving: The show encourages children to think critically and find solutions to everyday problems, fostering the development of important cognitive skills.
  • Positive Role Models: Sid and his friends demonstrate positive values, teamwork, and perseverance, setting a great example for young viewers.

Join La Historia Society in Celebrating 'SID THE SCIENCE KID'

As part of our commitment to promoting educational initiatives, La Historia Society is organizing special events to celebrate the premiere of all new episodes of 'SID THE SCIENCE KID' on PBS Kids. We invite children and their families to join us in this exciting journey of scientific discovery.

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During the event, children will have the opportunity to participate in fun-filled science experiments, engage with professionals from various scientific fields, and enjoy live performances inspired by 'SID THE SCIENCE KID'. We believe that by providing children with these hands-on experiences, we can pique their interest in science and encourage their pursuit of knowledge.

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Connect with us on social media and share your experiences with 'SID THE SCIENCE KID'. We would love to hear how the show has impacted your child's learning journey and what scientific discoveries they have made along the way.

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Together, let's celebrate the premiere of all new episodes of 'SID THE SCIENCE KID' on PBS Kids and inspire the next generation of scientists, innovators, and explorers.