La Historia Society: Press Release

Feb 10, 2022

The Jim Henson Company: Licensing Deals for Pajanimals

La Historia Society is delighted to share the exciting news that The Jim Henson Company has recently signed licensing deals for their beloved preschool brand, Pajanimals. These deals will not only contribute to the growth and success of the Pajanimals franchise but also support the highly anticipated television series launch on Sprout.

Supporting the Television Series Launch on Sprout

The licensing deals secured by The Jim Henson Company will play a crucial role in the successful launch of the Pajanimals television series on Sprout. As a reputable and well-established brand, The Jim Henson Company prides itself on creating engaging and educational content for children. With the Pajanimals brand, they continue to captivate young audiences while delivering valuable lessons in a fun and entertaining format.

Preschool Entertainment at its Finest

La Historia Society recognizes the significance of engaging and enriching content for young children. The Pajanimals brand, created by The Jim Henson Company, serves as an excellent example of preschool entertainment done right. It encompasses endearing characters, captivating storytelling, and valuable life lessons that help children navigate various aspects of their lives.

Licensing Deals Strengthen the Pajanimals Franchise

By signing licensing deals for Pajanimals, The Jim Henson Company is taking the brand's popularity to new heights. These partnerships facilitate the expansion of the franchise, enabling Pajanimals to reach a wider audience and engage in various types of entertainment. From books and toys to apparel and accessories, these licensing deals ensure that the Pajanimals' presence will extend beyond the television screen.

Positive Impact on Early Childhood Development

La Historia Society is an advocate for the positive impact of well-crafted content on early childhood development. Pajanimals, with its gentle and relatable characters, encourages important life skills, such as understanding emotions, problem-solving, and developing healthy sleeping habits. By providing children with educational and entertaining experiences, the Pajanimals brand plays a vital role in their overall growth and development.

Keyword-Rich Subheading: Pajanimals Merchandise and Products

In addition to the engaging television series, Pajanimals also offers a range of merchandise and products aimed at enhancing the fan experience. The licensing deals secured by The Jim Henson Company enable the creation and distribution of Pajanimals-themed items, including plush toys, clothing, bedtime accessories, and educational materials. This wide array of Pajanimals merchandise allows fans to further immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters.

Ensuring High-Quality Content for Young Audiences

At La Historia Society, we understand the importance of providing high-quality content to our young audiences. The Jim Henson Company has consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence through brands like Pajanimals. By focusing on educational and entertaining experiences, they continue to set the bar for preschool entertainment while contributing to the development and well-being of children.


The licensing deals recently signed by The Jim Henson Company for the Pajanimals brand solidify its position as a beloved and influential preschool property. La Historia Society applauds the company's efforts in expanding the franchise while staying true to their vision of educating and entertaining young children. As the Pajanimals television series launches on Sprout, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on children nationwide.